One year, Avalyn got on a kick cooking the Mexican Flan desert we often ate in restaurants. She said she wished she had one of the special “flan pans” that produced a wavy edge for the dessert. Well, our anniversary was approaching and I was in desperate need of a gift idea, so I began a search for her pan. What I found was that flan is not strictly a “Mexican” dessert and that there is no such thing as a “flan pan.” So, I found a fancy birthday card and wrote this story of my “Flan Plan” that fizzled!

The Flan Plan
I had a plan
to find a pan,
for flan.

I called and asked,
went and looked,
my goose was cooked!

Yet I learned a lot!
It’s quite a story
I have to tell...

Happy No—Flan—Pan Anniversary!

Love, Ray Mack