My Scribblings...

Much to my surprise, “writing” became my profession after I received my BSEE from Texas Tech in 1959— “technical writing,” that is. I worked in this field at Collins/Rockwell for 30 years, beginning as a junior technical writer and retiring in 1989 as the head of Publications Engineering.

However, I have always enjoyed sharing my thoughts and experiences in “personal writings.” This is something I shared in a wonderful way with my sister Barbara for many years—it kept us close. We think everyone should write!

Writing, is the most fun you can have by yourself --Terry Pratchett

Perhaps my urge to write began in Elementary school, when I won a state-wide “Fire Prevention Slogan” contest, with this original piece of prose (accompanied by a poster I drew of a forest of trees): “One tree can make a million matches, but one match can destroy a million trees.”

Poetry writing began in high school. I have never felt “poetic,” whatever that means, but it is true that every now and then a thought, with words attached, seems to pop out of the end of my pencil. That is not to say that the poem writes itself, but the rhymes and the meter come pretty quickly, or not at all. My poetry has to rhyme... I’m not into “free verse”... which probably places me in the ranks of “amateur poet.”

I didn’t save any of my “scribblings” until high school, but here are those deemed worthy of appearing on my website. They are in approximate chronological order.