Prayers I’ve Written

Thank you Lord
For accepting my best
And forgiving the rest.

Thank you Lord
For blessing me as you bless others
But making me feel especially blessed.

Lord, bless all those I have wronged
or neglected and recompense them..

Thank you Lord for preparing a tiny
corner in a small sparse room for me
in heaven for your unfaithful servant.


Dear Lord,

We come to you in prayer, laying or lives before you for forgiveness and renewed strength for the day...

God, please help us not to regard our comforts and ease as Your reward for our "goodness," for Satan also provides comfort and ease.

God, please help us not to regard our trials and tribulations as Your punishment for our "badness," for this is Satan's lie to weaken our faith.

Lord please turn our lives from our comforts and ease, trials and tribulations, toward the hearts of those around us who do not know You.

In Your Son's Name,