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 Well, I'm 80 years old and have been buying Apple products since 1977, so I wasn't about to miss the iPad!  I reserved my 32GB model ($599) at the Apple North Park Store in Dallas.  My friend and Apple buddy, Graham Teschke and I arrived at the Apple Store at 7:20am, to wait for the 9:00am opening. I wore my 1980's vintage Apple t-shirt for the occasion! There were two lines: one for those who had reservations for an iPad and another for those hoping to get one after the reservations were filled. Apple provided free coffee and water to both lines—sweet! I looked in vain for someone I knew from our Mac user group, the Apple Corps of Dallas—didn't see anyone :-(  The "people watching" always makes the wait go quickly at one of these events—the last one Graham and I made was to get our new iPhones! We barely missed going in with the first group ushered into the store, but it was only a few minutes until we were allowed in, to be greeted by a host of Apple employees congratulating us on our wisdom in buying and iPad :-)  One of the Apple guys interviewed me to see what else I wanted to purchase; I picked up the Apple case, dock, and AppleCare ($99). Then I was quickly moved to the "install" table where I was allowed to open my iPad package and feel its smooth case and heft for the first time—wow!  The Apple Tech asked if I had Mobile Me, which I do, which made the activation very simple. For the first time I was at the controls of my iPad!  All I had to do was enter the info for my Mobile Me account—which I muffed the first time I was so excited... By 9:30am, Graham and I were out the door, headed home to play the rest of the day with my new marvel from Apple!  First thing was to sync my iPad with my Mac desktop via iTunes, to get all my music, photos, and video's on the iPad—took about 25 minutes.  Now to go play in the the iPad App Store! Fun day! Steve, its been a GREAT RIDE with Apple for 33 years.

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