My mother, Zorene (Todd) Thompson, moved with her family to this town in New Mexico Territory in the first years of the 21st century. Her father, Madison L. Todd, file on a homestead and they lived there for 7 years to prove the homestead, then traded their homestead land for land in Texas.

When mother was in her 80’s she announced to my sister Barbara and I that she was going to write a book about her life, which she did over several years. The stories she told were mostly about their life in New Mexico Territory. I published her book and it became a family treasure and meant a great deal to mother as her health and memory were declining.

Years later, with the arrival of the internet, I began to search for information on Ricardo. It was a difficult search because “Ricardo” is a prominent proper name of many families. However, one day I happened to find a website where a story was posted that paralleled one of mother’s stories. I was able to get in touch with the author, and we have become good e-mail friends and fellow “researchers” about Ricardo.

Eventually I hope to post much of my research here, but I’m creating this page in hopes that the search engines will pick it up and bring others interested in Ricardo to me!

An-line acquaintance posted this excerpt from mother’s book and a picture here:

Ray Mack